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Instructions for The Number Game

This page gives the instructions for The Number Game for testers and participants.

You will find the page to test here!

Let's party like it's 1979!

Home computing really took off from 1979 with the availability of small, cheap machines which could use a TV as a monitor. Many people got their first taste of programming through these machines.

One of the first games many people learned to create was a simple number guessing program, where a machine generated a random number, and the user had to guess it. This is what we've recreated here.

The only problem is that mistakes could and did happen, but the only way to find them was in playing the game!

What are you testing?

The program simulates rolling two six-sided dice, and adding them together to generate a random number.

You start by selecting the build of software you want to test. You can reroll the dice at any time, or choose to move onto another build.

Making notes of what you've done for each build is highly recommended.

When you enter the number you've guessed, the web page should give you feedback of,

  • Correct
  • Too low
  • Too high
  • Not a number

There are 13 different builds to play, each has an issue in it which you need to be able to describe. Remember part of testing is finding an issue, the other part is communicating it!

How to give feedback ...

In this session I'm going to ask for feedback using the Issues page of Github. You will find it here!

You will need a GitHut account - but it's simple to create a new one!

Treat the issues as a bug report system, and start with the name of the build you're reporting on. So for instance "Build 0 - I have found a problem".

Remember that as a tester part of your role isn't just finding issues, it's communicating them!

Most of all, have fun!

Could this BE any easier? Actually, that's a trick question, but welcome to testing!

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